Puppets in Ft. Lauderdale

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“Keeping Puppet Traditions Alive in South Florida,” The Miami Herald, June 28, 2012. Under normal circumstances, interviewing a puppet would seem absurd. But at the Puppet Network, a Fort Lauderdale workshop founded and directed by Jim Hammond, it’s easy to suspend … Continue reading

Subway Tap Dancing, NY

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On a recent Friday afternoon, Joshua Johnson danced down a Q train car with an Air Jordan sneaker on his left foot to keep from slipping and a tap shoe on his right foot to play a beat as he collected money from several riders.

“Thank you, folks,” Mr. Johnson told the straphangers. “If you know Penn State, you know it ain’t cheap. Every dollar counts.”

Since he enrolled at Pennsylvania State University, Mr. Johnson, 20, a Harlem native, has helped support himself through his studies in business marketing with the donations he receives during his weekend performances in the New York City subways. Continue reading

Record Pressing in Brooklyn, NY

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“In Age of Digital Music, Vinyl Gets Second Life in Brooklyn Factory,” The New York Times, April 18th, 2011. In an industrial and uninviting stretch of Brooklyn, near several strip clubs and a factory that makes electrical tubing, Thomas Bernich’s … Continue reading